Terrantez | 30 Anos


“Se tens uvas Terrantez
Não as comas, nem as dês
Para vinho Deus as fez.*”

*Madeiran traditional saying. Its general meaning is that if you have Terrantez grapes, God says to use it for winemaking.

Terrantez Blend

Out of all the madeiran varieties, many say that, the Terrantez is the biggest. Extremely rare, produces wines that combine vigour, exuberance and elegance in an unic and remarkable way. This combination was made in a demijohn of 60 liters, and in February of 2021 only 60 units were bottled.

  • Medium Dry
  • Aperitif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    16º C | 18º C

With an old golden color, this wine opens in a subtle bouquet with notes of black ripe figs, nuts, a light caramel, white pepper, a discrete touch of wood, with a freshness as background. Of a sophisticated palate and crescent acidity. The citric and seasoned flavours highlight the beautiful dryness of a precise and elegant ending.

Terrantez Blend