Discovered in 1419 by Portuguese navigators, the island of Madeira is the largest of the archipelago. Of volcanic origin, its landscape is deeply mountainous, with steep valleys and cliffs to lose sight of. Its Mediterranean climate and proximity to the ocean give the vineyards unique characteristics, as well as a slight salinity that gives the wine a singular flavour. Come and discover dramatic landscapes, vineyards that grow on amazing slopes and wines made with tradition, passion and dedication.


A wine only reveals itself in its fullness when it is discovered in the company of friends, wine lovers, partners or lovers.


Do you want to have a unique experience of participating in a commented tasting by the winemakers of Vinhos Barbeito? These are truly exclusive and unforgettable occasions, where you will have the opportunity to taste the rarest wines or those most recently bottled. You may visit the site www.vinhosbarbeito.com to see the existing options and proceed with a reservation by sending an email to info@vinhosbarbeito.com.pt

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