Terrantez | Special Reserve Lote 2

500 ML


Terrantez Reserva Especial Lote 2

Of all the Madeiran grape varieties, many say that Terrantez is the greatest. Extremely rare, it produces wines that combine vigour, exuberance, and elegance in a unique and remarkable way. This wine is the result of a blend created directly in a 64-liter demijohn, in which Ricardo Diogo mixed young wines with older ones. In January 2024, 110 units were bottled, signed by the winemaker.

  • Medium Dry
  • Aperitif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    16º C | 18º C

It presents itself with an old gold color and opens with a fresh bouquet with balsamic notes, dry juniper, pecan nuts, polished wood, some smoked bacon, and beeswax. With an exotic flavor, it is complemented by layers of salted caramel and dried fruits. This wine, with a bittersweet touch and a pungent acidity, has a persistent finish and beautiful dryness.