Malvasia| 1994

375 ML


Malvasia 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn 91

This 1994 Malvasia was made from grapes sourced from vineyards in Funchal. It aged in casks for 23 consecutive years, from March 1995 to late May 2018. In that year, Ricardo Diogo removed 65 liters from the cask, which was then stored in a demijohn until June 2023 when it was bottled. Amber in color, this Malvasia presents itself robust on the nose, revealing notes of chocolate, mahogany wood, and raisins. In the mouth, it fills the palate with flavors of cooked fruit and some molasses. Balanced in sweetness, contrasting with pronounced acidity, it finishes in a poignant way.

  • Sweet
  • Digestif
  • Alc
  • Serve
    16º C | 18º C