Vó Vera

Malvasia | 30 Anos


Vó Vera

Produced with the best quality grapes from the São Jorge area, which was obtained by the traditional method of foot trodden, this Malvasia 30 years old blend, is a homage that Ricardo Diogo Freitas made to his grandmother.

In February 2016,612 units were bottled, all individually numbered.

DIOGOS has very few examples left. Do not miss this opportunity!

Vera Capelo de Vasconcelos (1904-1996), was born and lived her long life in Funchal, Madeira Island. Married to Mário Barbeito, founder of Vinhos Barbeito, Vera always accompanied her husband on business trips abroad and rarely missed Funchal’s big social events. Very dedicated to her family, excellent housewife, with a great sense of humor, she was a confident woman with a strong personality.

  • sweet
  • Digestif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    15º C | 16º C
  • Decant

Amber-coloured, this Malvasia is a lush bouquet of senses. In the nose, one feels aromas of sandalwood, exotic and smoky notes, hints of balsamic, cloves and caramelized nuts. With a creamy and sophisticated palate, with a note of spicy acidity, but with a subtle and elegant finish.

A sophisticated blend of old wines, with other younger ones, equally aged in Canteiro, this Malvasia 30 years old, combines family tradition with the innovation and irreverence of the new Millennium.

Vó Vera 30 Anos
Malvasia 750ML

An important milestone in our history, the family tradition is thus represented by the launch of this blend for which I selected the best wines from the Malvasia grape variety, aged in our warehouses, by the traditional Canteiro method. It’s a wine that as a whole intends to be an example of a blend in which very old wines with other younger ones are added and where sweetness almost goes unnoticed at the beginning and end of the mouth.

Ricardo Diogo Freitas