Frasqueiras | 1994

375 ML x 4


Sercial 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn nº 9 375ML

Old gold colour Fresh bouquet with notes of pine, nuts and salted caramel. Dry, salty and precise acidity with a fresh, subtle finish. Excellent as an aperitif.

Verdelho 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn nº 90 375ML

Amber colour. Fresh and fragrant bouquet, with hints of fennel, salted caramel and dates. Very well balanced between sweetness and acidity, salted caramel flavours all in layers. Persistent with a fresh, slightly spicy finish. Excellent as an aperitif.

Boal 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn nº 96 375ML

Amber colour. Bouquet with notes of cocoa oil, soaked fruit, cloves and dried flowers. Viscous with a spicy acidity that envelops the entire palate. Broad, bitter-sweet with a very persistent finish. Excellent as a digestif.

Malvasia 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn nº 91 375ML

Amber colour. Robust nose with notes of chocolate, mahogany wood, raisins, and sea air in the background. Silky on the palate with aromas of cooked fruit and a hint of molasses. Well balanced between sweetness and sharp acidity, with a very pungent finish. Excellent as a digestif, with fruit and chocolate cakes.