Verdelho | 30 Years Old

750 ML


Vó Vera Demijohns Verdelho 30 years old

Storing wines in demijohns, after ageing by the "Canteiro" method, is one of the most important practices in the Madeira wine production process, as it allows the preservation of the wines' original characteristics. The wines remain balanced and may be used several decades later, whether in blends or exclusive bottlings. To make this wine, Ricardo Diogo took small quantities from the different Verdelho demijohns stored in Barbeito’s cellar, to create this 30 years old blend. Garrafões da Vó Vera, preserves the know-how, family tradition and honors his maternal grandmother, Vera Capelo Vasconcelos (1904-1996) a very much-loved family member.

  • Medium Dry
  • Aperitif
  • Alc
  • Serve
    16º C | 18º C

This wine opens with a fresh and aromatic bouquet. On the nose we sense notes of cedar, tobacco leaf, dried plum, dark chocolate, clove and walnuts. Voluminous in the mouth and with a growing citric acidity, it has a slight spiciness and well-defined tannins. The finish is pungent with an almost interminable dryness. It pairs well with strong cheeses and/or a cigar.

Vó Vera Demijohns Verdelho 30 Years Old