375 ML


Verdelho 1994 Frasqueira Demijohn 90

This 1994 Verdelho was made from grapes from a vineyard located in S. Vicente, on the north coast of Madeira. It was aged in casks for 21 consecutive years. In 2016, Ricardo Diogo removed 61 liters from the cask, and it was stored in a demijohn until June 2023 when it was bottled. Amber in color, this wine opens with a fresh and fragrant bouquet, with notes of fennel, salted caramel, and dates. With an elegant balance between sweetness and acidity, it lingers on the palate, leaving a fresh and slightly spicy finish.

  • Medium Dry
  • Aperitif
  • Alc
  • Serve
    16º C | 18º C