Avô Mário

Bastardo | 50 Anos



Mário Barbeito (1905-1985), born and lived in Funchal, Madeira Island, where he founded Vinhos Barbeito. A man of great passions, he dedicated his life not only to making wine, but also researching, collecting and reading about the history of Madeira and Christopher Columbus. His vast library held more than 25.000 volumes, mostly dedicated to these themes and the discovery of America.

This Madeira wine was made from the Bastardo grape variety which was extinct in Madeira for many years. Its recovery was due to Teófilo Cunha who, in 2004, planted vineyards of that variety on his family’s land in São Jorge, in the north of the island.
The first Bastardo harvest took place in 2007.

  • Medium Dry
  • Digestif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    14º C | 16º C

The result of much patience and resilience, this 50 year old Bastardo, is strong in colour, and on the nose the touch of wood is mixed with exotic spices. A persistent and fresh end in the mouth, driven by a sophisticated acidity.

In June 2017, only 550 units were bottled, all individually numbered. The few remaining examples are exclusively for sale here at DIOGOS.

Avô Mário 50 Anos
Bastardo 750ML

Among the wines I have made over the last few years and from those older ones left by my grandfather, I created this small blend of over 50 years Bastardo in his honor.

Ricardo Diogo Freitas