At this online store, you can find blends of very limited, rare and exclusive editions, which will not be available anywhere else. Here we welcome our customers and friends, with the care, elegance and personalized treatment that has always characterized us. We have surprises and novelties for the most faithful and true lovers of well-aged Madeira wine and treated with Ricardo Diogo’s unique passion.


What distinguishes the islands or makes them such a particular territory are their unique ways of being, doing and knowing.


Producing Madeira wine has a set of processes that goes back several centuries. Like any great wine that wants to be unique and provide an unforgettable experience for those who drink it, the art of knowing how to do it properly has its secrets.
We could say that patience is a fundamental attribute and creativity is a necessary gift in this Madeira wine process. Taking risks and doing things differently, maintaining one foot in tradition and another in innovation, the suggestion is never to ignore our intuition.


The Madeira island topography is quite peculiar due to its volcanic origin. This natural phenomenon has created a mountainous, dramatic and winding landscapes.
The agriculture was ingenuously developed from the construction of terraces on the cliffs to enable cultivation. The vineyards for Madeira wine were no exception, these grow on terraces scattered along the slopes of the island. The total area of these vineyards is only 60 hectares. The great particularity is the character of the grapes, which are strongly influenced by the island's microclimates, thus attributing unique characteristics to the varieties produced in the region.
At each harvest, and to produce the Barbeito wines, Ricardo Diogo strictly selects grapes from the smallest vineyards to obtain rare and innovative wines.


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