Verdelho | 1981

750 ML


Verdelho 1981

Made from grapes of the finest quality, originated from areas of the North side of the island such as Seixal and Ribeira da Janela, this Verdelho began it's ageing process in January of 1982, where it was kept in old French oak casks, until it was bottled for the first time in 2005. In November of 2009 some of the wine was transferred into demijohns of 64 litres to avoid excessive concentration and preserve the elegance of this wine. From the demijohn 94 only 64 units of 750ml were bottled.

  • Medium Dry
  • Aperitif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    16º C | 18º C

In the glass it presents an amber colour with greenish highlights. It opens in a scented bouquet with notes of caramel, passionfruit, spices and polished wood. The fine structure and bold acidity, keeps it firm and complex in the palate, where the salty touch, dried fruits and wood mix in harmony. Beautiful dryness in a prolonged ending.

Demijohn 94
Verdelho Frasqueira 1981