Malvasia | 50 Anos

750 ML


  • Sweet
  • Digestif
  • Alc
  • Serves
    16º C | 18º C

This wine integrated in the celebration of the 75 years of Vinhos Barbeito, is simultaneously a tribute to Manuela Vasconcelos and the artesanal knowledge. Mother, entrepreneur, outstanding figure of madeiran and national society, a woman ahead of her time, gifted with a free spirit and a remarkable sense of humour followed by an easy smile. Boosted her father's company and taught her son Ricardo the art of producing Madeira Wine. Master in the creation of mixtures of old wines kept in demijohns, Ricardo Diogo created this 50 years from this expertise, with a unique touch that characterises him. His older son, António Freitas (to_nd) draw the label illustration. The entire process of the elaboration of this wine, the bottling and the labeling are a result of a profound work of artesanal refinement to obtain this rare and limited edition.

With a dark greenish colour, this 50 years presents an open and intense bouquet, with aromas of mahogany wood, cocoa, iodine, coffee, clove, tobacco, sultanas, molasses and walnut shell. Voluminous in the mouth, the sweetness is felt mixed with an acidity carefully sculpted. It has a smokey ending with a rustic and complex character.